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The Baja Sardinia area

Marvels to explore in the surrounding area

A famous tourist resort in the north-east of Sardinia, Baja Sardinia is the ideal place for a fun, relaxing holiday, with vibrant night life.

There are many interesting places to visit. You can spend the day on a beach by the turquoise seas of the Costa Smeralda, take a stroll amid the luxury boutiques and mega yachts of Porto Cervo; or you might like to visit some archaeological sites of inestimable value.

Baja Sardinia

Distance: in the centre, in the pedestrian area.

A gentle slope, a wild, unspoilt strip of sand that slips down towards the bay; a turquoise sea surrounded by granite rocks that change colour as the sun begins to rise and set…in this little corner of paradise that looks north towards the island of Caprera and west towards the Gulf of Arzachena lies Baja Sardinia. A beautiful, lively resort, with all the rich fragrance of the Mediterranean vegetation that the north-westerly wind blows inland from the sea.

Porto Cervo and the Costa Smeralda

Distance: 5 Km – 9 Mins.

Porto Cervo is undoubtedly the most famous resort on the Costa Smeralda. Half a century ago, it was a small fishing village, home to a handful of families, until, in 1962, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV was so struck by its beauty that he decided to purchase the whole area and turn it into a luxury tourism destination. Built in the architectural style typical of homes in the Gallura region, Porto Cervo has grown up around the famous Piazzetta delle Chiacchiere, the square designed by the architect Luigi Vietti and today bustling with restaurants, bars, luxury boutiques and mega yachts from all over the world.

Maddalena Archipelago

Distance: 26 Km (by land) / 5 Km (by sea) – 30 Mins.

The Maddalena Archipelago is a magnificent group of islands north-east of Sardinia, off the Costa Smeralda. The best-known islands are La Maddalena, Caprera, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Razzoli, Budelli and Spargi, and there are a number of other, smaller islands. The archipelago is a popular destination for pleasure sailors, due to its beautiful natural attractions and unspoilt emerald-coloured waters. It offers a wealth of breath-taking beaches, coves and inlets no visitor should miss.

The Nurhags of Arzachena

Distance: 18 Km – 20 Mins.

If you’re a fan of archaeology and interested in these megalithic edifices, we highly recommend a visit to the nurhags in the area. The architectural heritage of Arzachena is considered one of the finest in Sardinia, in terms of both the number and variety of the monuments.

San Pantaleo

Distance: 13 Km – 15 Mins.

A picturesque village that combines glamour with tradition, and is much more than just a neighbourhood of Olbia. This little gem facing onto the emerald waters of north-eastern Sardinia is known as the “village of artists”, but is also famous for its market, stazzi (rural buildings), bohemian spirit and iconic scenes from a James Bond movie. Small though it is, there’s plenty to see in San Pantaleo, nestled in a granite landscape in the area of Olbia, which for decades has been inspiring works and creations on the international art scene.

Bonifacio and the Lavezzi Archipelago

Distance: 70 Km – 2 hours (car+ferry).

Situated on the southern tip of Corsica and opposite the Lavezzi Archipelago and Sardinia, Bonifacio is one of the most spectacular places in the world. Lavezzu, Cavallo, Ratinu and Piana, the islands of the Lavezzi archipelago, classified as a Protected Zone of the Nature Reserve, are a nature-lover’s paradise of granite rocks and crystal-clear waters. Lavezzi is about 7 km from Capo Pertusato, the southern end of Corsica, and can be reached with one of the numerous boat trips that depart from the port of Bonifacio for a day at sea or exploring the inland area.