Respect for the environment is one of our values

Green Ecologic Hotel

Your Eco-Friendly holiday in Sardinia

We pay particular attention to the environment and sustainability.

The hot water in our hotel is supplied using recycled and solar thermal energy, and solar panels are used to produce electricity. We have eliminated disposable courtesy items. A separate waste collection system is in place throughout the hotel, and a waste recycling area is available for guests who share our concerns.

Solar thermal energy system

This system helps us to produce hot water using solar panels.
Solar energy is a clean, inexhaustible source. It does not produce CO2 or other polluting agents that cause further damage to the ozone layer or worsen the greenhouse effect.
The sun shines every day and gives us heat, light and energy, which we use to protect the environment.

Photovoltaic system

Photovoltaic panels are a green technology that allows us to directly and instantly turn the energy of the sun’s rays into electrical energy, without the need for fuel of any kind.

We produce clean energy with zero environmental impact, avoiding the emission of kilos of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Recycling of the energy produced by the air conditioning system

All the energy produced by the air conditioning system is recycled with a heat exchanger that uses the heat generated by the compressor to produce hot water with zero environmental impact.