Dive into the splendid sea of the Costa Smeralda


Discover the marvellous beaches of the Costa Smeralda: paradise is just around the corner!

Beaches with exquisitely fine sand await you, accompanied by a sea with endless blue reflections surrounded by eye-catching granite rocks sculpted by the wind.

Cala Granu

Distance: 6.4 Km – 11 Mins.

Cala Granu is five minutes from Porto Cervo Marina. In the heart of the Costa Smeralda, this splendid bay nestles amid unspoilt nature and rocks sculpted by the passage of time, with marvellous waters of intense blue and emerald green. This secluded beach is easy to reach, and is both ideal for families and highly recommended for romantics!!


Distance: 15.8 Km – 19 Mins.

In the direction of Arzachena-Cannigione, along the road that runs between Cannigione, La Conia and Palau. Over three kilometres of beach, framed by fragrant vegetation and large, multi-coloured fields, lapped by the clear waters of the sea, interrupted in places by small cliffs framing romantic little coves, ideal for an unforgettable holiday. The central part of this beach is known as Balca Brusciata. Easily reachable by walking along a flat dirt road for a few hundred metres.


Distance: 15.9 Km – 21 Mins.

Leaving the Cala di Volpe Hotel behind on the right, carry on towards Capriccioli; a road on the left will take you to the beach. The architecture of this area is particularly appealing, and it is home to one of the most beautiful hotels on the Costa Smeralda, as well as some of the most prestigious villas, with the beach framing this elegant “village”. Fine sand, a sea that runs the gamut of shades of blue and green, and fragrant vegetation behind the shoreline.

Grande Pevero

Distance: 8.5 Km – 15 Mins.

Past Porto Cervo, go along the road for about 3 km, and on the left, you’ll find the entrance that leads to the parking area of the beach. From the secure parking area, continue along an asphalt road that passes by numerous beautiful villas; if you look to the left, you can admire some delightful scenery that looks onto the clear waters of the Piccolo Pevero beach. After about 30 metres, the road is interrupted by a barrier; pass the barrier and walk for a few minutes along a dirt road, and you will come to a long beach of fine sand, framed by the Mediterranean vegetation reflected in the delightful emerald-green sea.

Spiaggia del Principe

Distance: 15.9 Km – 22 Mins.

Past the Cala di Volpe Hotel, continue until the sign on the left with the turning for the Romazzino Hotel. Take the second road on the right, park and walk down for about 500 metres. This beach owes its name to Prince Aga Khan, said to have a preference for this corner of the sea. It is indisputably beautiful, with two wings of fine sand separated by a promontory of red rocks covered by vegetation.

Liscia Ruja

Distance: 14.7 Km – 23 Mins.

From Abbiadori, go down around the bends, and after the fork in the road for Olbia, you’ll find the signs for the beach, also known as Long Beach, because it is the largest on the Costa Smeralda. A seamless succession of little coves are marked by fragrant tufts of juniper and white lilies.

Petra Manna

Distance: 14 Km – 18 Mins.

Located past the Cala di Volpe Hotel, in Cala di Volpe, this beach, also known as La Celvia, is popular with celebrities. In the centre of the beach is a tree, with thick vegetation behind it, and the pink-tinged granite rocks rise up at the ends of the beach.


Distance: 15 Km – 20 Mins.

There are two beaches at Cala Di Volpe, divided by granite cliffs that break up the tranquil shoreline. The white sand is exceptionally fine and the waters an intense shade of blue.