Finally the Opening of Sardinia

The opening of Sardinia has finally been defined, and we can confirm to you that tourists will only have to sign up on the Regione Sardegna site (self-declaration here attached as a copy).
After the fill-out you will receive a mail notification, which will confirm your registration. Before boarding, It will be necessary for you to show the mail you received
The mail has a QR code and a confirmation ID, along with the link to the search card for possible past infection or contact with Covid-19. The filling of this form is also mandatory and it can be done immediately or 48 hours before departure. You will receive a mail notification which will confirm the filling-out.

All travelers must undergo body temperature measurements before boarding. The temperature must not be equal or higher than 37.5°.

Priority to Hygiene

Every person who had stayed at our hotel before, knows how much security and hygiene are our priorities.
The attention and detail to cleanliness are the first things to be checked every day and more than once a day. In this particular moment, we will be much more thorough to the sanitization of all the common areas and above all you rooms.
Products with alcohol bases will be uses to clean and they will provide a total sanitization and security against bacterias and virus.

Sanitization of the rooms

Fully sanitized rooms.

The room will be entirely sanitized after each customer departure.

Bed linen will be washed and cleaned at high temperatures that will provide a total sanitization.

Doors, switches, handles and elevator will also be sanitized more than once a day.

You will have at your disposal, in all the common areas, hand sanitizer every time you desire.

Restaurant sanitization

The breakfast buffet will be protected by a glass wall and will be served by our staff, that will also sanitize tables after the end of each breakfast.

Right now we require the use of the mask every time you need to move inside the breakfast hall and inside the common areas, in case it is not possible for you to maintain the safe distance (at least 1 meter)

Safe on the Beach

The equipped beaches will be open following the Government rules. In case you would like to reserve umbrellas and sun-beds for you stay you can take advantage of the services by L’Approdo beach in Baja Sardinia. We advise reservation at the n. +39 348 7924868 Mister Salvatore

  • Between all beaches equipment (sun-beds, chairs) you will have to guarantee the 1,5 meters distance (if the equipments are not under the umbrellas)
  • You will have to maintain the 1 meter distance between customers
  • The distance between the umbrellas will be guaranteed in a 10 m2 surface

Free beaches will be open with the following rules about social distance between people (1 meter), which will allow safety for everyone.

Safe in Pool

The Hotel swimming-pool will be open, we will ask you to respect the social distance. Swimming cap will be mandatory for the use of the pool (only if any rule change in the following weeks).
We will organize the disposal of sun-beds and umbrellas to guarantee the social distance of at least 1,5 meters between people who are not part of the same family or are not cohabiting.


Dear customers we had just listed some of the rules decided by our Government.

We and our Staff will do everything possible to guarantee a beautiful holiday for you and your family, asking you collaboration in order to follow at the best these requests and your demands.

It surely will be a fantastic summer.

Excursion will have to be booked beforehand at our Reception